Wedding & Engagement Photo Shoots at Sonnenberg Gardens

RedTreeVWebCapture the romantic images you’ve dreamed of on your special day with an independent wedding or engagement photo shoot. Select beautiful backdrops for up to 20 people with your advance reservation for a 1.5-hour photo session on the estate during Garden Season (mid-May to early October). Choose 3 of the following areas with your paid reservation: Japanese Garden, Rock Garden, Italian Garden, Old-Fashioned Garden, Rose Garden, Blue & White Garden, Sub-Rosa Garden, Pansy & Moonlight Gardens, or South Lawn (below Mansion). A Sonnenberg representative will meet you at the entrance nearest the gardens and escort your party to your chosen locales.

Scheduling Your Photo Shoot:

On any given day, Sonnenberg may have up to 3 wedding ceremonies and a reception, plus one or more photo shoots or a rehearsal occurring on the grounds and we caution that you may be unable to schedule a photo shoot less than two weeks in advance of your select date. Because of potential overlap with multiple bookings that day, please contact our Weddings Coordinator to check the availability of your date by phone at (585) 394-4922 or email form. As your photo shoot contract covers only your reserved time block,
if your party is late, your time on the grounds is automatically reduced.

Special Limitations:Sonnenberg_Gardens_Wedding

Our status as a public garden means there is no guarantee of privacy. Please also be aware that your photo shoot group will need to defer to any wedding ceremonies or other special events occurring at the same time, and you may not have immediate access to a garden near an ongoing ceremony. Rest assured your photo escort will help ensure different wedding parties rotate smoothly through our various gardens if booking times occasionally overlap.

However, photo shoot groups should be aware tram transport service is given first to couples whose ceremonies are being held at Sonnenberg. For that reason, we recommend comfortable walking shoes for members of your photo shoot party as your chosen photo locales may lie apart the grounds. If no other events requiring trams are occurring at the time of your photo shoot, you may inquire about reserving trams for an additional fee.

Pricing and Rain Policy:

Sonnenberg photo shoot fees, paid in advance, range from $150-$275, depending on the time of day reserved. Parties who do not appear for a photo shoot reservation forfeit the entire fee. However, should it be raining at Sonnenberg at the time of your photo shoot, preventing all photos from being taken, your money will be refunded within 10 business days. Cancellations made less than 2 weeks prior to a reservation date, but more than one day before will receive a refund less $50 for administrative fees. Download a Wedding or Commercial Photo Shoot Contract HERE.

Our Blooming Season:OjLeavesStepsVWeb

The Rose Garden blooms in mid-June and is at its peak in late June/early July. Depending on weather conditions, a second blooming may occur in September. The Italian Garden, fully planted by early June after the threat of frost has passed, blooms more slowly. Its red-and-gold annuals, arrayed in a fleur-de-lis pattern, peak in August and last until the first frost of the fall — usually late September or early October. The Old-Fashioned Garden, our “three-season” perennial garden, exhibits a variety of different flowers and colors from May through October. Our Rock Garden and Japanese Garden are also popular choices among bridal parties because of the unique natural features and landscaping. Both are picturesque all season long. Click here to view our blooming schedule.

Partner Photographers:

To maximize your time on the grounds, we strongly urge you hire a photographer familiar with the layout of the estate, or arrange for your photographer to tour the gardens with you a few weeks prior to your photo shoot. The following vendor-partner photographers and studios are already familiar with our gardens:

Alexandra Meseke Photography
Alwyn Photography 585-244-9500
Country Studio of Photography 585-289-3390
Emily Angell Photography (585) 734-5578
Mary Corcoran Photography (585) 383-9190
Stegall’s Photography (Kelly Stegall) 585-394-3277
Chesler Photography 585-393-9242
Rachel Gracie, 585-295-3718
Dianna Hart 585-394-2895
Doerr Photo 585-342-7750
Kracke Photography 585-461-3890
Karlie Lanni 585-905-8353
Images Unveiled 585-305-6512
Alexander Pillar 585-426-1040
Neil Sjoblom 315-789-1082
Photo Loft Studio  585-732-6787
Mark Bernreuther Photography 585-392-5034
A Touch of Elegance Photography 585-421-9650
Ross Weddings 585-260-7563
Ultimate Images 585-755-2177
Josiahx 585-233-7614
Ursus Media Photography,, 585-943-4979

SE Video of Rochester 585-461-5117
Sleeping Dog Productions 585-414-3465
Paper Moon Productions, Andrew Campbell 585-775-7791