Mansion Interior Project

Another successful season completed for Sonnenberg and so many improvements have been accomplished. This is the time of the year that the Museum Committee takes a look at proposed repairs, restorations, and purchases, as well as resfreshing our list of wanted items.

We have been receiving numerous suggestions to make the mansion more event-friendly and over the past several years we have made notable progress. This year we have decided to place our focus on the library. These are a variety of pieces which desperately need to be restored or repaired and cleaned to be made suitable for use. We are also looking at the purchase of wicker similar to what was used in the library setting and is photographed. Our proposed budget will not cover the cost of all the pieces that need to be scheduled into this winter’s work, so once again we are asking for your assistance with donations directed at this project.

Another room which has received much attention towards improving the visitors’ visual impressions is the master bedroom. The first project that we are planning is to treat the windows with similar dressings as documented. We would like to acquire vintage pieces similar to the originals documented in photographs, so if anyone has pieces that might be supplied please contact Executive Director David Hutchings at 585-394-4922.