Ongoing Operational Needs

Tram Service: Our trams (multi-passenger golf carts – the one seen here has been nicknamed “Herbie” by some of our volunteers) transport thousands of people every year in all sorts of weather. As a result, the wear and tear on the vehicles ages them quickly. One new-to-us tram, a gift from the Friends of Sonnenberg, was added during our 2007 season, but more are needed. The rising cost of fuel also has had an impact on this vital guest service.

Paving Project: With numerous guests visiting the grounds, and the impact of upstate NY weather, the drive from our front gates to our parking area and exit can be a dusty or muddy trek, depending on the time of year. A complete paving of the entry road and expansive lot will improve the visitor experience, minimize yearly wear-and-tear and prove simpler to maintain.

Signage for Mansion & Gardens: Signs, maps, and expanded educational programs to provide hands-on or interactive learning experiences for our visitors, especially school children, are ongoing needs.