The Mansion Veranda

Sonnenberg_Mansion_VerandaIn 2007, our Mansion Veranda turned 125 years old. Over time, the brick foundation has aged significantly, and some of the pillars supporting the balcony and roofs above have settled, further weakening the structure.

Approximately $350,000 in private donations for these repairs has been received, supplemented by a matching grant from the federal government’s “Saving America’s Treasures” program. In addition, a 2006 allocation from the federal government’s National Heritage Trust, set aside from the sale of the property to the State of New York, will help cover the remainder of the approximately $1 million restoration costs.

Work on this 14-month, labor-intensive project was expected to begin in the spring of 2008, but was delayed at the state level. Work finally began in October 2009 and will continue through a portion of the 2010 Garden Season. While work continues outside however, the Mansion will remain open for guests to tour inside.