Volunteering: Garden Guides

Garden Guides

If you enjoy sharing details about sights with family and friends when you venture out for walks, why not become a Walking Tour Guide? Some of our walking guides work with bus tour groups at varying times throughout the day, while others narrate our historic tours of our gardens for our guests at set times on weekdays and weekends. During training with our Lead Volunteer, the guide is designed to tell the history and description of Sonnenberg’s Gardens to share with guests on an approximately 1 hour tour. Please keep in mind that tour buses visit most often during the latter part of the week – Thursday, Friday and an occasional Saturday. So we do ask Bus Guide Volunteers to give us two buses per month.

Daily Tours begin the Saturday of Memorial day weekend and continue until September 30th

Hours: Monday – Friday 1 pm as well as Saturday and Sunday 10 am and 1 pm tours

Interested? If interested, please contact us via email or call 585-394-4922.