Primary Pergola Site

We will have a brand new Pergola in the area between the Old-Fashioned Garden and the Rose Garden. Though not actually in a formal garden, this picturesque landscape area features a manicured lawn, a beautiful background with the Roses and Belvedere in the distance and a structure of white columns that creates a classical background for the ceremony. Stone and metal urns at the wedding site are planted with annual flowers by Sonnenberg’s gardeners after the threat of frost has passed.

Couples may add flowers to the urns to match their color schemes, and they may also decorate the pergola (the columned structure,) and chairs. Due to uneven ground and the lightweight nature of aisle runners, we do not permit them, but the aisle may be outlined with real rose petals, plants, etc. However, it is the responsibility of the couple to assign someone to pick them up.

Wedding parties of any size may choose to use this location.

Primary Wedding Site