Food & Wine

About the Food & Wine

The Gardener's Cafe

The Gardener’s Café is an independently owned café that is open from 11 am to 4 pm Thursday through Monday. They serve an array of sandwiches, salads, and hot & cold beverages. If you have questions for the café, please call Jay at 585-943-5076.

Picnic At The Park

Another way to enjoy the park, bring along a picnic with your favorite snacks and beverages. Stop by the Bay House to buy a bottle of wine to enjoy while you picnic or walk through the park. There are several picnic tables throughout the park, grab a piece of grass on the South Lawn, or sit on the Veranda and enjoy the scenery of the Italian Garden. Please note that no beverages are allowed inside the historic buildings.
Note: Sonnenberg is a pack-in, pack-out park, so please clean up your picnic area and take your trash with you.

The Finger Lakes Wine Center

The Finger Lakes Wine Center is located in the cellar of the Bay House. Wine tastings are available or purchase a glass of wine to enjoy in the cellar or walk through the park. Please click here to see more about the wine center.