Sonnenberg Gardens Cell Phone Tour

  • Sonnenberg’s mobile device tour allows guests to experience a narrated tour of the grounds straight from their smart phones and other devices. Guests may access the tour stops in any order, and small signs are posted around the grounds indicating tour locations. It’s free except for your minutes. To access, dial 585-797-6304 or visit
  • Cell phones only (not smart devices) — Just dial (585) 797-6304, followed by the stop number on each sign to learn about Sonnenberg Gardens & Mansion State Historic Park at your own pace.
Stop numbers:
  1. Deer Park
  2. Japanese Garden
  3. Roman Bath
  4. Temple of Diana
  5. Sub –Rosa Garden
  6. Belvedere & Rose Garden
  7. Italian Garden
  8. Blue & White Garden
  9. Pansy Garden
  10. Moonlight Garden
  11. Old Fashioned Garden
  12. Peacock House
  13. Mansion
  14. Frederick Ferris Thompson
  15. Mary Clark Thompson
  16. Rock Garden
  17. Sonnenberg’s Arboretum
  18. Greenhouse Complex
  19. Bay House (Finger Lakes Wine Center & Gift Shop)