Volunteer Resources

Volunteer Application(Required):  2018 Volunteer Application (pdf download, 1 Mbytes), Volunteer Application Online Form

NYS Service Form(Required): NYS State Form 2018 (pdf download)

Confidentiality Policy(Required): 2018 Volunteer Confidentiality Policy

Code of Conduct(Required): 2018 Code of Conduct

Volunteer Timesheet: This time log helps you report your volunteer hours on behalf of this non-profit organization. 2018 Volunteer Timesheet (pdf download), Volunteer Timesheet Online Entry

Volunteer Handbook: This document must be reviewed by all new and returning volunteers. 2018 Volunteer Manual

Volunteer Pre-Event Sign-Up Sheet: Sign up to work particular special events this season. 2018 Volunteer Pre-Event Signup

Volunteer Calendar: This calendar includes activities (events and weddings) for volunteers to be aware of. Visitors and people wishing to attend events should see our main event calendar.

Email Signup: Volunteers (and people interested in possibly volunteering) should signup for volunteer emails. Signup to our Volunteer email list.

Social Media: Be sure to check our FaceBook page for volunteer news and stories. Like and follow our Facebook page to get Sonnenberg info directly in your personal Facebook news feed. And being an active fan who likes, shares, and comments on our posts helps increase the number of people who see our posts so please join in!

All volunteers are required to park in the main parking lot. Tram drivers will bring volunteers to/from the Mansion when needed. The new East street parking is for our private event guests only.  If you need to drop off special event items, please use the Porte-cochere loop as the drop off point. There will be no parking in the lower loop; it is a designated fire lane that must be clear at all times.